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Installation at the DCAC, Washington, DC. Group exhibit, Dress Forms: the Power of Clothing.
Like the western wedding dress, the traditional Japanese wedding kimono, the Shiromuku, is a costume steeped in expectations and traditions which often find their origins in outmoded definitions of the ideal woman. The white Uchikake (outer robe) symbolizes the bride's ability to "be dyed" into her husband's traditions and the headdress was created to "cover the horns of jealousy." Yet our fascination with the bridal gown endures.

Kristine Aono, And the Bride Wore…, DCAC, Installation, sculpture
And the Bride Wore….(installation detail)
Hydrocal plaster, wire mesh, fabric, photocopies, wood, rice, pigment, water, chrysanthemums.
102 x 108 x 50"