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Daruma of Resilience (after)
Daruma of Resilience (after)
Photocopies of archival documents, paper sticky notes, paint, Aqua Resin, EPS foam, wood pedestal
84 x 49 x 48"

In Japanese folklore, the Buddist monk Daruma is a symbol of resilience and perseverance. It is a Japanese tradition to make a goal or wish with a small, paper mache Daruma by drawing in one eye. When you have achieved your goal, you fill in the other eye. "Daruma of Resilience" is covered with copies of archival documents pertaining to various groups challenged by injustice based on bigotry (including Executive Orders 9066, 13769, HR 7995, Indian Removal Act of 1830, Dred Scott Decision). While on exhibit, visitors are encouraged to add a Daruma sticky note with their goal/wish for justice and inclusion to this sculpture.